Week In Review – 3 Jan 2016

Main event for this week was the change of the guard between 2015 and 2016.  It happened in a blink of the eye, but the anticipations and commotions seemed lasted forever.

I stared at the “2016” for a long time, trying to fathom the “16” after the “2000” with this question in my mind – how did this (16 years) happen?  Y2K was not that long ago, or was it?  Don’t ask if you don’t know what Y2K stands for.

Three days into the new year, guess what? life feels the same to me.  I look to see if there is anything new and different.   Like good luck, happiness, and all those things we say to each other during the holidays. I find not much difference beside the calendar. So time to move on.

Hope your week was what you expected.



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2 Responses to Week In Review – 3 Jan 2016

  1. I believe a new year is a big deal for those who truly have had a rocky past. I could explain further. But I’ll refer you to my YouTube channel…you’ll understand more:-)

    “I am She Who Roars”
    Channel name. I hope you check it out, let me know if it’s thought provoking. Thus far, it’s still brand new, but if it reaches just one person. Goal accomplished.


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