Unwanted Notifications!

“Ding,” there it goes again, for crying out loud.

Every time my phone gets an update it makes that dinging sound, whether it is update for apps, breaking news, incoming email, text, chat, or you name it.

The problem lies in when it dings, I get this urge to check my phone.  Surely, no one wants to miss the next big happenings, neither do I.  So as you can imaging this gets annoying.

I know, before you say it that there are settings on the phone I can manipulate to tailor the phone to my preferences, so I can remain “in control.”  Riiiiiiiiight,  like there are encyclopedia I can use to find out how to land a spaceship on the Mars.

Having said that, I did manage to find a setting called interruption where I can filter calls during the sleeping hours (or any hours I choose).  So for example, between the hours of 12 am to 7 am, my phone will only notify me when it receives “important” messages from whomever I have so designated.

Speaking of interruption, one other annoying notification I still get is the POTS (plain old telephone system).  I don’t know about you but my number is like a solicitor magnet. I get tons of unwanted calls – Las Vegas telemarketers, phony IRS agents,  friends of the police, firemen, zoo, etc.  This is even after I signed up with the national “Do Not Call” list.  Go figure!

How do you manage information from interruptions?

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