Is It Just A Job?

Day in and day out, boredom starts to set in with the job.

Same people, place, things over and over.  And it is only the beginning of a new year. Has the “passion” started to tarnish, showing signs of wear, or getting flat?  What if it is only just a job?

Work fatigue is common.  Employer expects productivity.  Take the 30 minute lunch if must, but work needs to be done.  Chronic stress wears on people.  It is most noticeable at work because of the demands.

Additionally, job comes with things that employee must “care.” Things like peripheral events and trends, rules & policies, etc. all add to the job demands.  Things you rather not deal with.  Only if they disappear would the job be more interesting.  Nah. Not going to happen.

I hear similar complaint from kids about schools.  “Only if the teachers were more interesting . . .”  Unfortunately, in school or real life, it is up to us, be it student or worker, to make the process more interesting.

Food for thought – pay more attention on the job? noticing the details? focusing more on the positives? or move on if your livelihood not depending on it?

Do you get tired of your job? What do you do to renew your interest about your work?

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