Over And Under

Over and under is never good. It is not what we want.*  How do you feel about over or under-happiness? over or under-eating? over or under-performing? over or under-estimating? etc.  Chances are what you want is happiness (or the other things). Period.

* except perhaps in the case of exceeding expectation when one under promises and over delivers.

Life’s uncertainties guarantee the “over and under” phenomenon. Whether it is the weather, traffic, or people, over and under is to be expected.  Life is not an exact science. Things don’t work out exactly the way we wanted. And our reactions tend to exacerbate them even more.

Solution? if there is one.  How do we ever get to the nirvana of win-win, synergy, or optimal mastery?

The answer I believe is Acceptance.  Unconditional Acceptance.  Recognize the world for what it is.  Instead of resisting the nature of things, accept it, embrace it, and celebrate it.  We stand better chance of getting the outcome we want.

This is particularly true when it comes to people.  We judge, assume, or anticipate in our interactions with others.  These behaviors are fraud in ways of the “over and under.” In reality, we just need to accept.

Start with self.  Accept oneself, unconditionally (also known as self love).  No blame, no excuse.  Even when we slip into the “over and under” mode,  just accept it as part of our human nature, then move on.  This is key to self knowledge and enlightenment.

Is you life filled with over and under’s?  Where do you find stability? steady course? or constant purpose?

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