Need For Control?

I am not a big fan of control.  To me, it is futile trying to control others given how little control we have about the world around us.  Having said that, I am however a big proponent of Self Control.

Our ego if left unchecked gets the worst of us.  Stunts people try are what sells newspapers. Unbelievable?  Check out the Youtbue, search “stupidest” whatever. You will see what I meant.  It is truly astonishing.

We are our own worst enemy.  Yes, we are. People get locked up due to lack of self control. Life will always tempt us.  Or more accurately our ego will.  Practicing self control is an important life skill in avoiding negative consequences.

While self control can be difficult to maintain at times, people would not think twice about controlling others.  Only if everyone else would drive better on the highway, if others work harder, show up on time, or understand, etc. problem would go away.

How about control that impulse and work on ourselves?


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