Value of “Time”

What is time to you?  I don’t mean the 60 minutes-an-hour.  But how do you see time?  As a commodity, a benchmark, or a bully?

Time As A Commodity

Time is “given” to us.  All of us have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  What do we do with it is our choice.  We can squander it, invest it, or enjoy it. Each day, we get another 24 hours to use.

How well do you use your time?  Is it too much or too little (more on this later)? Knowing how to use the time well is an art. It is an acquired skill, just like expertise in any commodities.  You can do a lot in a little time, or you can waste a bunch.

Time As A Benchmark

Since time is a familiar concept for us, it serves as a common reference.  If the movie starts at 8 pm, for example, showing up at 9 pm will only leave time for the climax, or not even that since you missed the beginning.

We use time to mark to our life – the school years, when we got married, had a family, visited places – as timeline references.  We also group people into categories such as the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, etc.

Time As A Bully

Do you feel driven by time?  Or phrase it differently, do you have much free time?  “Must be somewhere by time certain or need to complete project by the deadline” sound all too familiar?  Time becomes an enforcer.  It can “bully” us through our lives.

We become slaved to our time.  Never enough time. Must maximize it and not waste any.  In vain, we kill ourselves in trying to make more time. An impossibility that only exists in our mind.

Do you have enough time? or too much time? What do you recommend as best way to use time?

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