Just Waiting

In our hurried lives, waiting is an impediment to our goals.

Whether it’s waiting at the doctor’s office, in a traffic jam during rush hour, or in line at the supermarket check out, our lives get held in suspended animation.  We are waiting not because we wanted to. Because we had to.

You see, the objective is never the waiting but someone, somewhere, or something ELSE. Anything but the present predicament.  Our mind wonders to escape the boredom of being stuck, the uncomfortable surroundings, and the strangers next to us.

Waiting is lonely.  It is tiresome.  And the bottom-line is that no one wants to wait.  Got that. But given waiting is a fact of life in  our urban/ suburban world, what are our choices ? What can we do about the waiting to make it more palatable?

Two suggestions:  if available, make an appointment, if not go with Plan B of acceptance.

Do you like to wait? What do you do while waiting? Daydream, nap, or something else?

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