Turning Weakness Into Strength

Work from our strength and not our weakness is a sound advise that I wholeheartedly embrace.

However, if you are like my parents who believe in a well rounded person approach or if you have already got your strength covered, read on.  Below recommendations may just work for you in turning your weakness into strength.

A 5 step process:

1. acknowledge the weakness – Chances are you  know your weakness (if you don’t that is a problem of a different sort and will save that for a different time).  Acknowledging your weakness has the benefits of shedding attention and intention on your target.  It focuses your resolve on the issue.

2. understand and share the weakness – Understanding your weakness is key to applying the right course of action.  Without it you may very well be tackling the wrong problem and getting frustrated.  Sharing your weakness helps to illuminate and clarify it better. So you can take it head on.

3. seek constructive feedback on the weakness – Since it is your weakness, others are in better position to providing you feedback that are more objective and constructive. You may disagree with their feedback (hopefully that is not your weakness), but try to keep an open mind.

4. test the weakness with inputs from #3 – This is the fun part.  To verify the inputs you gathered and whether they work against your weakness,  set a measurable progress to see if the input works. For example, 21 days seems to be a common time goal.  More specific and measurable progress the better.

5. repeat – the steps outlined is a systemic approach in addressing your weakness. If working and armed with information, you are ready to repeat the process to sustain in turning your weakness into strength. If not, you can always go back to your strength.

Have you tried to turn your weakness into strength?  what did you do? and did it work?

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