What’s In It For Me?

18 degree Fahrenheit this morning when I stepped outside for my run.  During the six mile run, the wind was whipping my cheecks like a razor.  Strong enough, my eyes was tearing up.  Not to mention the ice patches along the way.

Few people were out. One other runner and two walkers was all I saw. What’s in it for me?  Would I be out there if I did not love to run? The answer would be a definite No.

Self interest is innate.  It has a negative connotation, but we all do it.  Whether we consciously follow it or not, self interest serves a motive force for our actions.

One goes to work for that paycheck,  goes to church for that peace of mind, goes to nature for that escape.  Maybe a bit generalizing and cynical.  But take away the purpose of self interest, how many would still do what they do?

Not to say that there is no selfless act.  Unconditional love from the parent to child is a prime example. And that kind and generous folks do exist. However, selfless act is unusual.  By and large, our daily behaviors are driven by a gain in our self interest.

It is better to be clear on “what’s in it for me” than to be disingenuous in denying it.

Are your self interests aligned with the common good?  What would you do if they are not? 

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