Prerequisite Of A Leader

“Ultimately leadership is about getting along with other people,” wrote Scott Monty in his blog posting titled, Emotional Intelligence Should be Easy in the Digital Age.

I like Monty’s point. It hits the nail on the head.

Surely there is more to leadership than just getting along with others.  But, after all is said and done, one can’t lead without being able to get along with others.  Monty gives Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump as the antithesis of this point.

Leadership requires a capacity that is beyond self interest, Monty uses the term Emotional Intelligence.  On a personal level that means self awareness, self management, and on a broader level, social awareness and relationship management.

Monty offers that the social media is ripe with tools for a good leader to seek feedback and others’ inputs.  I say do a gut check and see if getting along with other people still ring true.  If not, time to get out.

What does it take to be a leader? Is it more important to be popular than to be respected?


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