The Snow Is Coming . . .

It all started with an mobile phone alert this morning (actually two alerts):  The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory and a Blizzard Watch for the Washington DC area.

Basically , it said the snow will start tonight at 6 pm with anticipated accumulation of 1 inch.  The heavy snow and wind will start on Friday with potential for A FOOT OR MORE OF SNOW . . .

I did not finish reading the rest of the alerts.  Because I knew the stampedes to the stores had already begun.  This is Washington DC after all. SNOW or WIND are four letter words around here.  And if that did not it, “a foot or more of snow” is definitely enough to cause panic of an epidemic proportion.

So guess what?  I too joined the crowd and went to the stores.

Did I need to go?  Probably not.  I got milk, eggs, bread, and plenty of toilet papers still. But it just made me feel better to be in the panic zone along with other folks.

You know misery loves company.



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