Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection does not exist, not realistically, anyway.

In the make-believe world of Hollywood and other mass media, perfection is fabricated because dream sells.  Perfection is idolized by the many.  People covet perfect endings to a story, a perfect 10 performance, or a  perfect masterpiece.

Only in our dreams.

Ever since they were young, I told my kids that movies are not real.   Very convincing but not real.  I didn’t want them to confuse the fantasy world from the real one.  To portrait something or someone as perfect is to hide all of the flaws.  Okay for the movies but not for the real world.

It is better to recognize that the world is not perfect, we are not perfect, and finding solace with that than to live in a fantasy.

Do you believe in perfection?  Do you strive for perfection? And why?


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