Seeking Positive Energy

No question that we all want positive energy.  In fact, we need positive energy.  It enable us to do great things, to achieve goals, to be all that we can be.

Typical positive energy sources like nutrition, sleep, exercise, are all too common and often neglected by people.  In other words, common knowledge but not common practice.

Here are some less obvious sources perhaps could provide alternatives for consideration.  And they are in the categories of people,  practice, and place.


People bring you either positive or negative energy.  Positive energy in that these people warm our heart.  Their presence uplifts us.  Where as others drain our energy. Downers. We may not consciously label them as such. If we open our heart, we can sense it.  Gather yourself folks who have similar interests or aspirations.   Interacting with these folks will uplift you.


Regular practice, if done consistently, boosts our confidence. This can be anything from reading, writing,  to walking.  You name it.  Key here is consistency.  Practice does not make it perfect, but does make it last.  Whatever it is.  Select practices that are fun to you, and try it for 21 days.  You will have a better chance sustaining the practice and a better confidence in doing so.


Our personality predispose us to certain places.  This could be a park, church, or movie house.  For instance, I love to run along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Tow Path.  The scenery  is awesome and the trail is soft.  I always feel good after a run there.  The place does not have to be nature.  It could very well be your study or garage at home.  Anywhere that is fascinating or inspiring will do.


Where do you find positive energy?  Or is it more of a way of life?

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