Mind & Body, Two Opposing Forces?

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The Chinese philosophy of yin and yang is described as two opposing principles “whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.” (source: Dictionary.com).

The same can be said about our mind and body.

Not saying which is yin or yang, but the mind and body do work as one in our daily life. Most of the time.   In terms of execution, however, they operate in opposition in many regards.

The mind, albeit intangible, is the powerful human endowment.  It possesses enormous capacity and travels faster than the speed of light.  The mind, if too fast, can become hyperactive.  As such, one needs to concentrate or meditate to keeping the mind calm and focused.

The body, on the other hand, is visible and tangible.  It is amazing on its own.  But the body moves a lot slower than the mind and carries definite limitations. Despite best effort, our body deteriorates as we age.  Therefore, we need movements/ exercises to keep our bodies active and stimulated.

As opposite as the mind and body may seem, interaction between them is key in every human achievement.   Particularly in outcomes exhibiting mastery and grace like running a sub-4 minute mile, you will find the mind and body working in harmony.

Do you agree that opposites attract and create balance?  What are some of your examples?

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