“I Am Aware”

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“I am aware.”  That was the chant my yoga instructor calmly shared.

Yes, I was aware how tight my hips were (also compared to others in the class) and that I could barely tilt my head on my back bends.  I kept thinking whomever said yoga is a chic sport should try the “Half Moon” (above) for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong – I like yoga.  Its movements combined with the breathing gives me a workout like none others.  I particularly like the awareness of what I am doing and (to a less degree) how I am doing it.

That is what the instructor is for.  A model for the class to emulate and compare with. The awareness is awesome.  The question is when I get off my mat and leave the class, could I still maintain that awareness?

In theory, Yes.

But in reality, too much distractions. Whether distracted by others or my own thoughts, I find it challenging to maintain that awareness in my normal life.  Too many hot buttons getting pushed.  Too many wild ideas fleeting through my head, especially when I try to sleep.

Am I juggling too many balls?  Where is that breath I am supposed to follow?

How much do you know about yourself (on a scale from 1 to 10)?  How about others?  Or is it really possible?

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