Let The Race Begin!

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In two days, Iowa Caucus will grab the nation’s attention.  Being the first state in U.S. to hold its caucus, the Iowa Caucus will give first indication of who the front runners are for each party to the 2016 Presidential Election in November.

It’s no surprise that campaigns have been going on for months.  But the Iowa Caucus on the evening of February 1 will provide the first indication (or metric) of their results. Candidates can say whatever they want (e.g. elect me and I will give you the moon), but it is at each state’s caucus (or primary) the measure of their success becomes evident.

Comparing to running a marathon, the states’ caucus/ primary are like the mile markers.  You know you are either on track (to your goal pace), ahead or behind and adjust your effort accordingly.

It is common knowledge that for marathons you don’t want to jump out too fast in the early miles.  You want to pace yourself to the finish.

That rule does not apply for the presidential election.  Ahead early is actually good.  It is a metric of early success and would only help to gather momentum for the campaigns.  After all, who does not like winners?

How much do you follow the presidential nomination process? Do you believe the process works?

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