Week In Review -31 Jan 2016

Post Blizzard week.

The Blizzard named Jonas is gone.  Has been so since last Sunday.  But the impacts from its record amount of snowfall remain. Piles and piles of snow that was plowed and shoveled stand along the roadsides, in the parking lots, on the people’s yards, etc. even after a week.

Life in and around Washington DC is slowly getting back to normal. Governments and schools are gradually re-opened.  Services resuming.  People are forced to deal with the changes and have to alter their daily routines as a result.  Patience and civility are virtues often short in supply in situations like this.

For me, I only got to run twice, 4 miles on Wednesday and 7 on Saturday.  I relied more on my yoga practices to maintain my body and mind connection.

Luckily, our area did not lose electricity. So I was able to keep up with the transition and what’s going on with the world at large.  Besides shoveling snow, I did lots of googling, listened to the presidential debates, watched Netflix and Youtube.

Life is good, and have a great week.


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