Countdowns To The Iowa Caucuses

Iowa Caucus starts tonight at 7 pm (8 pm Eastern).  And I can’t wait for the results!

Why am I so eager?

Besides all the traditional reasons, my excitements come from my opportunity to verify campaign strategies of air versus ground war.  Air war being the social/mass media campaign and ground being the  door-to-door canvassing.

Best is, of course, to have both.  But with internet, the campaign strategy landscape has changed dramatically, such as what happened in the Obama 2008 campaign.    In Iowa, Trump has the air while Cruz has the ground advantage (i.e. army of volunteers and paid organizers on the ground).

Which strategy is more effective?  What is the best return on investment? We will find out tonight.

What’s the significance of the Iowa Caucuses?  Why is it important?  Why do we care?

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