On Becoming Gentler

It has been thirteen months since I retired.  The question of whether I am getting soft as I grow older is debatable.  But one thing is for sure, my retirement has taught me to be gentle.  Both with myself and others.

With Self – I stop forcing myself.  Especially with things I dislike such as commuting, waking up prematurely, or bending to others’ priorities.  I remove many “negatives” from my daily life. Things that takes away my energy.  As a result, I am more relaxed, patient, and aware with myself and . . .

With Others – I interact more at ease with people.  By being gentle with self creates space for me to be open and more accepting with others.  I don’t pass onto others the stress of forcing things just to conform to some schedule or priority.  Interestingly, I notice more options to get things done and usually better (i.e. win-win vice win-lose).

The transition has fashioned a nice fit with my life.  I feel more natural and achieve better results.  Just imagine less bruises and scars then you get the picture.  And I truly believe that everyone can be so without having to retire first.

What is your temperament? Have you noticed any unnatural fit in your daily life?

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