Week In Review -14 Feb 2016

This week began with the Chinese New Year and finished with Valentine’s Day (more on that later).

Between the festivities and half way through the week, the area temperatures took a nose dive.  Overnight, Washington DC got frozen over.  Daytime temperatures remained below freezing since Thursday. Where is a groundhog when you needed one.

Some people turned their attention away from Washington and towards the New Hampshire primary where the “outsiders” continued to rock the political establishment. Both Bernie Sanders (Dem) and Donald Trump (Rep) took the primary by storm.

The front runners of course become the target for the rest of the field that is whomever still remaining.  The presidential nomination stuff just gets better and better.  Never a dull moment.

Recognizing such is life and there are things I don’t control, I am able to get my runs in. Total 26 miles (6 miles on Monday, 4 miles on Wed, 6 on Fri, and 10 Sat).

And yes, back to the Valentine’s Day.  Call it a conspiracy or lessons learned.  Whatever you deem appropriate. But this is what I heard – a box of chocolate, flowers and dinner make a quick Valentine’s Day, or a long one without them.  Good tips for the guys.

Have a great week!




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