Setting Boundary

Knowledge is, like the universe itself, endless.  If our life purposes are to learn, understand and grow, these tasks are like taking a drink from the ocean.  They are immense.

Setting boundary then is not a bad thing, in fact it is quite necessary. By choosing areas of interests allows us to better apply our limited resources to raise the quality of our lives (i.e. increase the depth of understanding) and the outcome of our efforts.

My interest on people is general.  To narrow it, I set my boundary on how people communicate in organizational settings.  Communication is how people express themselves, and the organizational setting provides a context for the purpose.

So for example if the organization is my community, how I communication with my neighbors about the progress on our landscaping projects would be an example of the boundary where my interests lie.  In this vein, topics such as Management/ Leadership are on my interest list.

What then has the process of setting boundary helped me? And this much I know:

I worked 30 plus years for the federal government in project management.  It was a journey where, borrowing from Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I learned and grew from being dependent to independent and interdependent,  achieving private victory to public victory.

My boundary matured from my independence to the interdependence of the larger group wherever I belong. It taught me to appreciate the importance of interdependence.  No person is an island, and synergy is more productive than what an individual can do.

And now, my conscience is telling me that I am ready to bring my experiences to different organization settings, to contribute to the inter-dependency of team members (however the team/ organization is defined), and  to improve the effectiveness of their communication exchanges.

Think about your interest(s), what are some of the boundaries you defined for yourself?  How specifics are these boundaries? Do they help to develop depth than breath?

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