What Is Better Than A Win?

Answer:  Another win?  No. No. No.

What better than a win is a win-win.

Sure, it feels good when we win or our favorite team wins.  Not only that, lot of money is being made based on that psyche.   NFL, beer manufacturers, just to name a few and the list goes on.

That is how the game is set up.  One winner – by design.  That is not what life is about.

After the thrill of victory subsided, the feeling is less satisfying than had we achieved a win-win.  Sticking with the game analogy.  Say we kicked the pants off the other team and scored a lopsided win.  We won, right?

Compare that scenario to a well matched opponent who gave us a run on our talents, skills and execution.  The final scores were close, and both sides played their best. Wouldn’t that be more satisfying regardless whomever the eventual winner was?

Call me crazy, but I do believe life is full of opportunities for win-win.  Not “designed” to have just a single winner, life is more satisfying than that.

How do you define a win?  What about a win-win? Which is more satisfying?

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