Week In Review – 28 Feb 2016

In the midst of winter this week, and needed a boost for my spirit.  Fellow blogger Blair has this idea that “life can be a shit storm and is rarely easy. Always find humor where you can. It makes it a lot more manageable.” I wholeheartedly agree.  You can find her humor here and here.

In addition to humor, one other way to look at life is that we are interdependent.  We all live on this planet Earth.  Good, bad, or indifferent, we rely on relationship with others to get thing done. Collaboration over competition.  Life is more than one winner.  Plenty of win-win opportunities if you let it.

What you choose to think about, life or otherwise, is critical.  A surplus of information competing for your attention day in and day out.  Be selective.  You really do drive this boat in spite of what it may seem at times.

Lastly, while winter is not over, brace for more temperature fluctuations.

Ran 26 miles (6 miles on Monday, 4 miles Wednesday, 6 Fri, and 10 Sat).

Have a great week!

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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