What Is A Win For You?

We like to win.  Who doesn’t?

Everyone loves winners.  But how do you know what is a win for you?

In sports, win’s are clearly defined.  There are rules not only for the process but also for the end state.  When the buzzard sounds, it is clear who won and by how much.  No ambiguity.  No guess work.  And everything clearly defined.  Easy to grasp.

In life, one can only wish that a win is that simple.  Let’s see, a million dollar house by age of 45, is that a win?  How about a Nobel peace prize, cure for cancer, or more narrowly  your next promotion?  These examples are more socially aspired but are they win’s for you?

Each person would define his or her win.  But I think there are three common elements apply.  And they are: a win requires efforts.  It aligns with one’s intrinsic value(s). And a win leaves the individual better off.

If asked, how do you define your win?  Do you have the clarity to specify what your win looks like in details? What would have to happen for you to reach your win?

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