Spiritual Quest (Non-Religious)

What is Spiritual?

Spiritual – The connection to a deeply held set of values and to a purpose beyond our self-interest (from the book, The Power of Full Engagement)

What is our place in the greater scheme of things?  The question has no fixed answer.  It is an open-ended question that has as many answers as the number of people pondering it.

If you choose to take on the task of finding your answer, be forewarned,  it is not an easy effort.  But the reward is this process will make one’s life rich and meaningful.

I am not a spiritual teacher but a student.  Below is my take on the journey.

How to find the answer?

The inquisitive task is an iterative process between self and the outside world. What is important?  What gives meaning? And how do they fit into the larger context?

The task of self discovery need not be deep contemplative naval gazing (that never work for me).  Start by noticing what is important to you.  The answers actually lie in your everyday life.

What are there?  And what is missing?

Your list does not have to be exhaustive.  An authentic few will suffice.  Use them as your guide in the next step of determining your purpose.

To find your purpose, let your external world inform you.  What do you find interesting? Often, the nature serves as an excellent benchmark for us.

Pay attention to each little details, listen with your eyes, and the answer will reveal itself to you in time. The process takes time and patience.

Got a spiritual quest of your own?  Care to share it?

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