Tips On Blogging?

On some days I woke up inspired, my thoughts flow right from my head to my fingers on the keyboard.  Words fly, and the post is done in a jiffy.

Then there are days when my head is dry as the Mojave desert. There is nothing, just nothing that my mind can think of. And the longer I idle the more difficult the post becomes.

Sometimes I help to prime the pump by listening to my favorite show, the “On Being” from the National Public Radio.  Interviews of brilliant people inspires me.  Kinda get my juice flowing. Other times, I reach deep into my ready reserve pile of drafts and see which one resonates with me.

Of course my preference is the inspired version.  Interestingly, they don’t always get the most like’s or comments.  It is the other version, the ones I struggled over and over turned into the popular posts.  So in a nutshell, I can’t really tell how they will come out.

Any tricks of the trade on blogging that you find handy?  Care to share? 

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