Hustle and bustle is the pulse of a city – a common theme in every city  whether it’s Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, or other metropolis.

I happen to be sitting in Washington DC, near DuPont Circle, at an intersection where cars, pedestrians, bicycle messengers, all intermingled.  Not in a chaotic way but certainly showcasing the fast pace of this place.

Everyone is moving about.  What are they up to? Work would be my guess.  On top of the busy scene, just about everyone is got a earbuds, cell phone, or both, with them.  Giving a facade of engagement or connection.

Occasionally, joggers appear on the sidewalk zigzagging through the human obstacle course.  Just as interesting is seeing business attired folks on U-bikes weaving through the sea of cars.  What a tapestry of humanity in the big city.

What parts of the city life attract you? repel you? 

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2 Responses to Cityscape

  1. I like your comment — everyone is giving the facade of engagement…I’m definitely guilty of that. As to what parts of the city life attract me – Gosh, so much — probably the energy of opportunity. What repels me? Probably the trash + grime…there’s too much for much taste. Oh, and there’s not enough nature…makes pursuing a spiritual path more challenging.

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