A Personal Sacred Space

Psst,  did you hear that?  No, listen closer.  Did you hear that noise?

What noise? You ask.

Close your eyes.  You will hear not only the noise surround you but also the noise in your head.  You know, the worry about tomorrow’s weather, today’s unfinished to-do list, or even yesterday’s lingering argument.

The noises that we need to escape from, so to keep our sanity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that is sacred and just for you?  The space where you can enter to de-stress, to be yourself without interruption, and to shut out all the noises including the ones in your head.

It is not only nice but a necessity.  We all need a space like that.  For our mental hygiene.

It does not have to be a large space, nor physical one for that matter.   It could be your bedroom, study, or virtual space (see example below). The key is to have someplace you can feel secure, at peace and not be disturbed.

Have you established a personal/ sacred place just for yourself?  What is in it or would it be like? How do you make it yours?

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2 Responses to A Personal Sacred Space

  1. Nice guided meditation!


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