Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Just can’t get enough of this . . .”  is a common phrase we hear.  “This”  could be a variety of things but usually represents something pleasant or pleasurable, at the moment.

Sentiment aside, the question becomes is there really anything that good?

Too much of anything, by definition, is overdoing, including good things.  Say you love ice cream, movie, or whatever, having too much would kill the pleasure or joy.  And you get sick of it.  At lease, I would.

Each of us manage the ebbs and flow of our daily life to the extent possible.  How much we eat, surf the web, chat on the phone are examples of things that are within our abilities of control.  The trick of sustaining a good thing is actually to know when to stop.  So you get to enjoy it again and again in the future.

It is a delicate balance to keep us happy.

Do you ever get overwhelmed even with your favorite subjects or passion?  When is “too much” too much?  And what would you do in those circumstances?

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