St. Patrick’s Day Remembrance

Today is 17 March, St. Patrick’s Day.  A holiday in Ireland, parts of Canada, and British overseas territory of Montserrat and the most celebrated national festival around the world (according to Wikipedia).

In America, you don’t have to be a Irish (or for that matter off work) to celebrate this day.  It is a perfect opportunity for everyone to be a Irish for a day.  You can wear green of any attire and not be of the wrong fashion. Imaging that!  Feast on cabbage and corned beef and drinking green beer are all in vogue.

I actually forgot about today being St. Patrick’s Day.  That is until I got online and was reminded by my social media network.  How can you miss the green Google sign with the dancing shamrock?

What more reason does one need to celebrate?

Embed from Getty Images


How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Any fun memories to share?

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