Spring Break

Spring break comes every year.  But over time the meaning of this annual ritual evolved.

While kids were young, we looked forward to use the Break for vacation – time off for kids from school and us from work.  We accumulated lots of family memories this way, at least for those of us who can remember.

Now the kids are in college, different colleges.  Spring break no longer is the family event it used to be.  The breaks don’t always align in time or in purpose.  But as parents, we still look forward to this time to share with them while they are around.

Spring break also meant something different for me.  It signals the arrival of the pollen season. Like a personal time capsule, I had gone from allergy shots to allergy pills, sinus infection to sneezes and coughs.  Years of running have also changed my metabolism, as I run mostly outdoors.

What doe spring break mean to you?  kid off school, vacation travel, time to clean the house or something totally different? 

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