Noticing Of Self

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I have been under the weather.  This time of the year when seasonal change brings about temperature fluctuations, confused climates, and unpredictable weather patterns, I get slammed in both the sinus and bronchus.

Although this happens each year, I am better off than in the past.  No more needs to drag myself into the office, dealing with others who felt you should be home and not spread “the germs” around.

I know people who “don’t get sick.”  Not that they are immune from the elements but more due to they can’t afford to get sick.  While I admire that kind of work ethic, I am glad to be at home taking care of my sporadic coughs and running nose.

One home remedy I use is honey tea.  It is simple and effective.  Basically raw honey mixed with hot water. I enjoy sipping on this tea. It has a soothing effect on my throat as well as my mood.  And it is all natural.  I take it at night also before going to bed.

What is happening with you?  Have you noticed anything about yourself?  What is missing?

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