Fun Run In The Woods

Asphalt is where I normally run on.  Which means on the side of the roads and watching out for cars.  Saturdays are set aside for my long runs, usually on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath, a graveled trail that is relatively flat with no cars.

I joined three other of my SRC running friends today ventured off the C&O Towpath and detoured into the trails.  The trails wound through the woods with different scenery and terrains.  So much so that any possible boredom from a long run were absent on these trails.

In other words, it was a more intense but fun ten mile run.  Because running through the woods, crossing brooks and narrow passages exposed us to an environment that is closer to the way nature had intended.  Like a Nature’s playground.

While the scenery was spectacular, I would be remiss not to mention the awesome companies I was running with.  Without their guidance to and through the trials, I would be lost and most likely missing out on all the seasonal changes.  Their company made the run that much more enjoyable.

Even though my body will be sore from using different leg muscles today going up and down the trails, it is all worth it.  And I will gladly do it again.

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