Best Value?

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For a long time, I coveted “Best Value.”  Simple values were not good enough, I wanted the best.  My rationale was why waste time when you can go for the best.  Logical, right?

Little did I know that attainment of  the best value is illusive.  What is the “best” often depended on how much time and money one has.  It is a sliding scale.   And as with most things, there is diminishing return beyond certain level.

What worse is that when I am singularly focused on chasing the best value, many of the life’s opportunities pass me by.  Limited by my own tunnel vision, I will not get these missed opportunities back.

Life’s full of simple pleasures.  They are not in the best car, best house, or best job.  No. Not at all.  Instead they are much more “ordinary.”  Something in your daily life, within your family, or right next to you perhaps.

In the end, the Best Value may be the accumulation of life’s simple pleasures that we were able to realize.  It is only a matter of scale.

What do you value? even the simple ones? Are you getting them? or are you chasing the illusive ones?

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