Human Tools

We humans are smart.  Just look at the tools we have invented.

Whether it’s basic tool like the language or complex technology like the computer, human tools have advanced our progress by leaps and bounds.

The tools have enabled our capabilities more than ever.   We can out race any animals on the planet, fly higher than any birds.  Instead of worrying being dinner, we can think about what’s for dinner.

As good as the human tools are, we can and do misuse the tools.  Resulting consequence could be devastating.  Some could lead to destruction.  Think of fatalities from automobile accidents or gun violence as examples.

But by and large the tools themselves are neutral.  They are designed for serving specific functions. Chances are it is us the users that precipitated the negative consequences.

So, learn the tools, use the tools, and be the master of the tools.

What tool(s) do you find most enabling for your productivity, creativity, or both?

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