Harrisburg Marathon

It has happened! I nailed down my marathon for this Fall.  And it will be the Aspire Harrisburg Marathon in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on 13 Nov 2016.

Why is this a big deal?

This is a big deal because it sets my start/ end date for the 20 week marathon training. Even though the marathon is still more than 7 months away, the decision commits me to running the race and devotes myself to the 20 week marathon training building up to the main event.

It is kinda like picking a wedding date – once you picked the date, all the thousand and one plan details start to align.  Details such as when will my training begin (27 Jun), what will be my race goal, and what will I be looking to improve my race this year.  It is that serious.

You see, technically, I am still in off season (i.e. until the 27 Jun 2016).  But my mind is already starting to think about what I need to prepare during this year’s training, what are my priorities, and what training improvements will I be concentrating on.

Having made the decision is a liberating feeling and a load off my chest.

Have you run the Harrisburg Marathon?  Do tell if you did.


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