Working Up A Sweat

From time to time, I get engaged in some physical activities, become drenched in sweat but totally enjoy the experience.   Today is one of those days.

I was helping my uncle moving.  Not his residence but his business.

You see, my uncle owned a store inside of a business complex.  His store had been struggling for a while due to the changing business climate.  Many neighboring stores changed hands.

Furthermore, the surrounding neighborhood was going through renovations which had led to further decline in my uncle’s business.  So he decided this is it.  Time to close the store for good.

Which meant everything in the store, and I mean everything, had to go.  A daunting task when we started.  But bit by bit, we chipped away at it by hauling out different pieces.  The soda machine, ATM, cash register, etc.

Sweat was pouring down my eye brows, my cheeks, and my back.  But the gratifying part came when seeing the the whole store got emptied out as if some one took a time-motion video.  From before to after.  Piece by piece.  Things just disappeared.

What a feeling? Mission accomplished.

 Do you have a favorite exercise, a routine, or a memory that you worked up a sweat for? How do they feel?  



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