Life’s Full Of Choices, Part 2

And consequences.  That is the price of admission to this game of life.

The transition occurs between being a child and an adult when you realize a decision has to be made.  BY YOU.  And the consequences are equal parts gut wrenching.

You may think that you want to be somebody when grown up.  Or only if given a chance, things will be different around here.  These are just wishful thinking until you have to make that choice – and by the same token, live with the consequence.

And at that crossroad, when you get there, it is a lonely spot.  Agonizing over options and scenarios.  Guessing at the risks and the calculations.  Wishing you have that proverbial “crystal ball.”  Not a chance.  But you still have to make the call.

Too afraid to choose?  Don’t want to make a tough decision?  No problem.  Choose to do nothing is a choice in and of itself.  Just have to face the consequence of the null choice. Get used to it.  Because the Life’s Lesson will repeat over and over.

Part 1, here.

Never thought adulthood requires so many choices?  What are examples of the choices you hate to make?  How do you deal with them?

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