More Than A Saying

Making a difference one person at a time.  This saying, and other similar ones, sounds good.  But what does it mean when it comes to that moment?  Given each individual is different, how then do we proceed to make a difference?

Peeling this onion back, we have some possibilities: Option 1 –  treating different people equally and Option 2  – treating different people differently.

Option 1 is popular with large operations.  Say McDonald or the government.  By treating different people equally the organization is taking a cookie cutter approach.   It is safe, avoids risk, and offers a minimum standards.  Individual differences are shunt.

Option 2 is less common but more innovative.  By treating different people differently, you recognize each individual is unique with different wants and needs.  Treating them differently you respect their differences, recognize them as individuals, and perhaps empower the participants to find opportunities.  Individual differences are embraced.

Which option is more likely to make a difference?

Seeing things as they are and not what they should be – letting go of prejudice and scripting.  Be present.  Noticing.

Are you mindful of your moment? If so, how?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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