Storm Watch

This morning, I was awaken by the sound of the thunderstorm. Rain carried by wooshing wind splashed against the window panes. Albeit disheveled, I was grateful to be indoor.

Now, a coupe of hours later, all is quiet.  No wind, no rain, and the ground is slightly damp.  The only sounds are the birds chirping outside of my windows.  Amazing contrast between what happened earlier and now.

Equally amazing is our emotion.  Like the weather, it contrasts dramatically.  Majority of the time we hold our emotion in check – calm blood pressure and heartbeat, no outrageous outbursts or inappropriate releases.  But when the right button got pushed, our emotion rage to anger in a flash

One major difference of course between the weather and our emotion is that we can control our emotion.  Easier said than done?  Not really.  Watch for the transition.

The transition from calmness to anger has telltale signs.  Maybe it’s the feeling of blood pressure boiling, raising hair on the back the neck, or tingling sensation in the skull.  Whatever it maybe or however quickly it flares, we can learn to spot them.

With increased awareness and mindfulness practices, the transition can be diverted, and the emotional storm averted.

What anger management tips work for you?

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