Money & Power

2016 is a presidential election year here in the US.  Ambitious candidates are vying for the most powerful position in the largest democracy on Earth.  How exciting even for non-political bystanders.

Campaign costs however have become expensive and increasingly so at various level from White House down to state and local positions.  The amount of money spent is simply startling.

One could argue that this is good for the country.  Good for the economy as well as for our democracy. More political discussions, engaged citizenry, etc.  The reality proves not so.  According to, presidential elections hover around 55% voter turnouts while midterm election around 40%.

Personally, I believe money & politics are insidious to our democratic process. Contribution, or bribery by other name, points to the simple saying – there is no free lunch.  More at

Campaign finance reform is not new.  Whether we are winning or losing depends on your perspective.  Below is a infographic by the Sunlight Foundation on the campaign finance and how it is currently regulated:


Between money and power which one do you prefer?  Any thoughts about having both? Concerns?

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