Digital Suffocating

The noises are everywhere.  Everybody tries to get me to do things,  or buy things their way.  When these arm twisting are pushed to me digitally, I find them particularly offending.  So much so, they drown out my own thinking or ideas.

Like the junk mail, these annoying pop-up ads, spam emails, or solicitations are incessant.  They are equivalent to the pollution that robbed us of our air, space and freedom.

City folks escape to countryside to get away from the toxic effect of the pollution, but digital invasion follows everywhere.

Sure, turning off my computer is an option.  But why should I be held hostage when using the online space?  or pay premium to avoid ads?  It is akin to the air quality we breath. We are entitled to clean air without having to pay some ransom for it.

When was the last time you heard your voice?  What was it telling you?  Or Is it about time to quiet your mind (and your environment) so you can be free to follow your own direction?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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