My Breakfast Of The Champions

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My “breakfast of the champions” is not about food, but exercises.  Instead of eggs and bacon, I prefer something that would get my blood circulating, nourish my body and mind. Something like a morning run or yoga exercise.

The leg muscles, gluteals (also know as the buttocks), are the largest muscles in our bodies.  Easy gentle run in the morning starts from the ground up.  I do lunges to warm my leggs up before heading out to the road.  The lunges helps to get me going in the morning and also to prevent injuries.

Once on the road and my circulation revs up, I can feel the rest of my body waking up – my lungs, heart, chest, arms, brain, etc.  When finished, I feel more alert.  My body is relaxed from the run.  As a result, I am better prepared for rest of the day.  My co-workers used to tell me that they could tell the difference when I run.

I understand that running may not be the thing for everyone.  But fear not.  Plenty of other exercises will achieve the same effect.  For instances, on the days I am not running, I practice yoga.  Quietly, I wiggle my toes & fingers, stretch my limbs and twist my trunk. The practice allows my breaths to usher in a calm mind.

If nothing else, I know that I have taken care of myself first before anything else.  A wise investment if you ask me.

If given any choices you prefer, what would be your breakfast of the champions?

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