Life Is No Rose Garden

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“Life is good”, “it is wonderful”, “the best time of my life” . . . etc., etc.  I don’t dispute with any of these claims and wish to compliment those who genuinely feel this way.  Enjoy it because you have certainly earned it.

Few people go through life un-feathered.  Stories of triumph over adversity are more indicative of the reality we each face.  Be it dealing with the material world, relationship, or self growth, each person has a story if you listen carefully.

Not that the Life throws us curve balls constantly.  Some days are better than others.  To expect smooth sailing all the way is a fiction.  It is also an inconvenient truth, borrowing from Al Gore, that we should be sharing with our children.

To prepare our children, we can teach them the skills needed to deal with life’s challenges and uncertainties.  Skills like self confidence, trust, and whatever else we gleaned out of our own lives.  It is not an insurmountable task.  Many have gone through and fared well.

A key distinction is to realize that we are responsible for our own lives.  If it is a rose garden one wants, work on it as a goal.  The outcome is in our hands.  But to say that life is a rose garden would be a disservice.

Do you agree that Life is not easy? It can be if we erroneously believe the otherwise.  Overcoming adversities in life is more the norm than the exception.

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