Letting Go Hurts

Saying good bye is never my forte.  I find it awkward and fumble at it when the time comes.  Given a choice, I much prefer to just slip out or run away to avoid the whole agony.

To me, emotional investment deposited over time is valuable and difficult to replace.  It hurts to lose that bond or the attachment.  Memories, if that much, is all would be left behind.  Letting go of someone dear is gut wrenching.

But as clear as day and night that nothing lasts forever.  Saying good bye is inevitable. I can downplay the agony of the process, pretend its indifference in the outcome, or just fake it as if I am tough.  The truth is that none of them is a genuine option for me.

I admire those who handle this task gracefully.   With compassion and skill, they neatly tie up the loose ends and bring closure for those involved.   A very tall order for me, and I am slow in picking it up.

 How do you “let go” of emotional attachments?  Does it get easier through practice, over time? or only harder? any tips?

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