The Importance of Being Consistent

Few human trait is more sought after  intuitively than consistency.  Why so? One word – Trust.  No matter how much talent one possess, without consistency the person is not dependable and thus will not be trusted.

Consistency equates credibility

We make sense of our world based on consistency.  From scientific discoveries to political campaigns, consistency gives the proof that people expect and look for.  It is how knowledge is built and trust is developed.

Without consistency whatever credibility exists will erode.  It raises doubt in our mind.  How likely would you hire a person who can’t hold a straight story or is inconsistent in behaviors.  Simply put – without the consistency, chaos would rein.

Consistency equates brand in business

Regardless it’s product or service that a business offers, its customers come to expect over time a level of consistency that symbolizes the business’ brand.  It also represents the reputation the business holds and protects.

McDonald is a good example in the brand consistency.  There is no question wherever the consumers are, they can expect the same level of consistency from every hamburger they order.

Consistency equates character

When it comes to personal relationship, how we behave speaks volume for who we are. The things we do, the words we say, and the attitude we hold project certain image about our character.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona is not what will win friends and influence people.  In fact, it will achieve just the opposites.

Interestingly, during election campaigns it is popular for the media to fact check the candidates to catch inconsistencies.  How do candidates fare under the scrutiny reveals plenty of their characters.

How do you tailor to different audiences without sacrificing the consistency of your brand?

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