Moment Of Integrity

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When the stakes are high, pressure mounts.  Along the way, heart pounding loudly and nerve becoming frail.

During clutch moments, our fear of failure is particularly unnerving.  Similarly, our behaviors during these situations say a lot about us or our personalities.

In such moments, we get to face our own integrity and ask did we do our best?

Did we?

Forget about if any one is watching.  Our integrity is not and should never be questioned.  It is all we have.  When that is gone, we can’t live with ourselves, let alone facing others.  The decision is ours alone.

In reality however judgement can easily get clouded by circumstantial considerations. Social forces and political pressures common in high stakes find their  ways to muddy the otherwise straightforward decision.

Have you confronted your moment of integrity?  How did you do? What was the outcome?

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