Stuck In The Comfort Zone?


We are creatures of habits.  So it stands to reason that sooner or later, we “slip” into our comfort zones.

It feels euphoric at first.  Things are happening.  We bathe in our own efficiency. And there is no problems in our comfort zone.  But after a while, we get bored. Work becomes no longer challenging.  People are too familiar. Even the daily rituals are getting a bit flat.

Time to find that mojo?

From time to time, it is good to break out of our habits.  It forces us to use our senses and wake up our brains to adapt to something new.  Granted  it may be a bit uncomfortable.  We may even miss our comfort zone perhaps.  But that is hoe we learn and grow.

It does not have to be a dramatic or torturous affair.  For example, traveling to foreign places, learning a new language, or both are proven ways to experience the newness of a different environment.  And during in the process, we discover a part of ourselves that we have lost touch.

Have you been “stuck” in your comfort zone? Thinking about breaking away?  Why not.

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2 Responses to Stuck In The Comfort Zone?

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting if you compare this with your other post ‘consistency’. Staying consistent can easily push you into a comfortzone as well. I suppose a good balance is being consistent with completely breaking out of the comfortzone every now and then.


    • terryshen says:

      Absolutely Mike. We can be consistent and be stuck in our comfort zone (being consistent is the mean and being stuck in our comfort zone the end). So as you suggested, being consistent in noticing and adjusting our course if the outcome is not what we want is the way to go. Excellent comment and thanks for visiting.



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