To Lead Or To Manage

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That is the question.

You see leaders and managers are similar in many ways:  people oriented, upper echelon of the organizations,  and accountable for organizations’ mission.  In short, they command organizations.

However, there are three key distinctions separate the two: (1) focus – leaders keep their eyes on the big picture while managers’ on the details,  (2) time horizon – leaders concentrate on the future while managers’ on the near term,  and (3) scope – leaders set broad strategy while managers’ into the numbers.

An organization’s success depends on the leaders and managers working together.  The former steers while the later pushes.  In spite of the different titles such as owner, president, director, manager, or executive, best to figure out what each is supposed to do.

Are you a leader or a manager?  What are the differences?  And how the two can best work together?

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