The Means Justifies The Ends?

“Preparing for the worst,” the headline reads after Trump swept the last eight Republican Presidential primaries.

I am not a Trump supporter.  But the question that has been occupying my mind lately is – now that Mr. Trump has knocked out his rivals, sixteen to be exact, in the race for Republican Party Presidential nomination – has he legitimately earned his stripes?

Criticisms of Trump come far and wide.  Domestic and international.  They usually run something like: he is a businessman and not a politician, is divisive, insulting, and misogynistic.  Again, these criticism are not mine but what I gathered.

Accuracy of these criticism not withstanding, has Trump proven that he has the skills, staff, and organization to be a legitimate candidate for the Presidency?  Here are some stat: 11 months campaigns, 13 debates, won in 26 out of a total of 38 primaries, 1047 delegates.

If the answer is “no,” I wonder where do we draw the line?

Do you agree that Donald Trump has “earned” the Republican Party nomination?  What other qualifications is he missing?

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